Exposing white Finnish privilege #89: Those white saviors are the worst racists

by , under Enrique Tessieri

White saviors come in many sizes and shapes. Whatever shape and size, they stunt equality for one simple reason: The white savior is on top handing out his harmful empathy to minorities.

How can I claim that white saviors aren’t well-intentioned people?

Not only disobey unjust laws but challenge white saviors.

From personal experience.

While racism and discrimination are constant variables that rob people of their equal rights and opportunities, they also regulate them to second-class status.

Finnish white privilege #89

When you are a second-class member of society, the ones blocking you in many cases from realizing your full potential are those damn white saviors crying crocodile tears over you.

The only way to deal with this toxic situation is by exposing it and making your opinion heard: I don’t want your help that relegates me in a wheelchair. Treat me equally with all the rights and obligations entitled theoretically to me.

As NBA basketball player Imam Shumpert said, “I don’t want the attention. I want the respect.”

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