Defining white Finnish privilege #27: White versus Other media

by , under Enrique Tessieri

On occasions Migrant Tales, the Other media, does investigative journalism. When we do such type of investigative reporting it’s because there is a big story that needs to be told. One of these big stories that we scooped was on Luona, a private company that treats asylum seekers badly and profits off them.  

Certainly good and reliable sources are important when doing investigative journalism. One matter that I have learned is that if you are going to break a big story, you have to make sure that your facts are right.

In Colombia, where I worked as bureau chief for Bridge News (1998-2000), I not only had to worry about verifying sensitive information but making sure that my sources didn’t get fired from work, or killed.

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Luona’s web page claims that it strives to take into account the person’s background, special needs, and dignity.

The Finnish media, like any other Western media, is a powerful institution of those that have entitlement.

I approached Helsingin Sanomat before publishing the scoop about Luona in Migrant Tales.

Despite Helsingin Sanomat’s refusal, Suomen Kuvalehti in January, and this month YLE and tabloids such as Iltalehti have given wide coverage to how poorly asylum seekers are treated at Luona’s reception centers.

Even Helsingin Sanomat wrote a story about it in February.

Too many stories about the scandalous treatment of asylum seekers at Luona give, however, the benefit of the doubt to give the company.


Definition #27

Because Luona and the Finnish media have entitlement over asylum seekers and Migrant Tales.

Since we are the Other media in Finland we don’t have power. Since we don’t have power what we write doesn’t interest large dailies like Helsingin Sanomat even if they should.

The job of the white Finnis media is to ensure that power remains in the hands of those that have entitlement.

Even if we still don’t have a strong enough voice in Finland we do have one, which is growing every day thanks to our culturally and ethnically diverse community, which is growing in numbers every day.


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