Defining white Finnish privilege #25: This land is my land, this land isn’t your land

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It’s disturbing to watch in Finland journalists who maintain and promote urban tales and racism. One of these is Tuomas Enbuske who invited Lenita Airisto to his television talk show to speak about Muslims. When Aristo opens her mouth and gives her opinions about cultural diversity, it’s evident that she still lives is a provincial and stuffy time warp of pre-1990s Finland.

One of the many things she said that exposed her bigotry in a recent talk show with Enbuske was that Muslim women should show more flexible in Finland and take off their veils if they live here.

Airisto, who shamelessly patronizes the Muslim host, Maryam Askar, continuously pats her on the shoulder as if she had such a right.

The patting on the shoulder is a good example of how Airisto sees minorities like Askar as if they were children.

But then she states something that exposes her white privilege to a tee:

“You have come to my country, Finland is my country, and has taken you in with open arms…”

This affirmation, which is highly offensive because Airisto still believes that Finland and the Finns are only white.

What Airisto is doing is denying Askar the right to be different, which is the basis of racism in Finland. Racists and racism is nothing more in Finland than people who have serious issues with people who are different from them.

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Host Tuomas Enbuske is no rocket scientist when it comes to debating matters like immigration and Muslims. He shows more ignorance and conservative opinionated views than sound judgement. In one of his talk shows he advertised “why Somalis rape?” His show got a warning  as a result from The Council for Mass Media for making such a racist statement.

Enbuske apologized on the show for claiming on a pervious talk show that all women that wore a veil did so because they were forced to.

Definition #25

Finnish white privilege, like white privilege, is maintained by denying minorities the right to be a part of society and through disenfranchisement. Airisto’s affirmation, which was made twice and emphasized that this was her country, is a good example.

If people like Airisto would rewrite the lyrics of the famous song by Woody Guthrie, it would go something like “this land is my land, this land isn’t your land, this land is my land from Helsinki to Utsjoki…”

The whole problem with racism and discrimination in Finland is that some Finns still believe that people assimilate instead of integrate to society. Assimilation is one-way and integration two-way adaption.

Even if Finland officially promotes the integration of newcomers what happens on the ground is assimilation like Tuomas Enbuske and Lenita Airisto showed.

Assimilation is one factor of many that permits white Finnish privilege to see another day.

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