Exposing white privilege in Finland #86: Maryan Abdulkarim and Finland’s amnesia

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I can’t remember. It’s not important anyway.

Finland’s political amnesia shrowded in denial and hostility comes in the form of knee-jerk reactions. Those knee-jerk reactions may appear by acting dumb to difficult questions or by destroying your credibility in public.

I met Maryan Abdulkarim many years ago and commended her bravery in the face of continuous suspicion and hostility. Many in this country see her bravery as a positive matter needed in a Finland that suffers from too many Teflon politicians and political amnesia.

Source: Halima

After six years of being a host on the Yle television show Jälkivisaat raati, which discusses topical issues of the day, Abdulkarim decided to leave after the program decided to include former Perussuomalaiset (PS)* chairperson (1995-2017), Timo Soini, as its new host.

Writes Abdulkarim:

“This [the election victory of the PS in 2011] directly impacted the social debate. What was considered acceptable political discourse [had now] changed. It was evident in my daily life and in those close to me – racist views surfaced increasingly both in words and in actions…[H]e [Timo Soini] has never apologized for his actions, his populism, which normalized racism. Timo Soini is, to quote a friend of mine, ‘a self-proclaimed apostle of good, the prince of darkness.'”

Soini in a nutshell: An opportunist who will sell his soul to attain power. He went to bed with people like Jussi Halla-aho and others who decapitated his power over the party in 2017.

White privilege in Finland #86

Thank you, Maryan Abdulkarim, for standing up once again for what is right in this country and offering smelling salt to our state of denial and political amnesia.

Your example offers us hope that you don’t need an army to defeat racism but determined people who will not succumb to chicanery-fed fame.

I know, and I am certain that you, too, understand, that the present anemic state of Finland is not forever.

Our leadership and example have an enormous impact.

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