Exposing white Finnish privilege #88: A Facebook page that asks white people if they look like a Finn?

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Thanks to a Facebook page and a story in Helsingin Sanomat, I became on Monday, a member of a group called “Do I look Finnish?” Nothing wrong with that, but if the page attempts to reinforce stereotypes about Finns, then something is rotten in Denmark.

Understanding how far-right groups like the Perussuomalaiset (PS)*, Suomen Sisu, and too many politicians from parties like the National Coalition Party (Kokoomus) attempt to define a Finn in narrow terms by excluding minorities, such a Facebook page should get the thumbs down. In other words, it is only a place where some people who have lost their Finnish culture after many generations as USAmericans cling to their last hope: whiteness.

My debut in the group started with this comment:

A sensible question, no?

The following responses followed that comment:

Exposing white Finnish privilege #88

This afternoon I was banned from the group. You can judge why. For me, it is clear.

While “Do I look Finnish” may be a worthwhile place for some to give a superficial, even racist, view of their Finnish identity, Helsingin Sanomat does not do any favors by picking up a story that perpetuates a lot of toxic matters about white privilege and racism in Finland.

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