Defining white privilege #9: Mohammad Ali’s insight

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In many respects white privilege, or specifically white Finnish privilege, is a good way to understand some of the challenges that migrants and especially non-white Finns face in this country. The interview below of Mohammad Ali* says a lot about white privilege in the United States even if the interview took place 33 years ago. 

What he said back then is very much true today and applies to Finland as well but in a different context.

What purpose does violent one-way integration – even in its most violent forms in the United States and during the colonial and post-colonial period – serve? Who benefits from it?

Even if the answer sits right under our noses, too many don’t want you to look there. Thus white privilege serves the group that controls and dictates how resources such as jobs, status, political power are distributed in society.

What happens when a group loses its history and identity? Francis Galton (1822-1911), the so-called father of eugenics, a pseudoscience that prohibited reproduction between certain groups because it would not improve human genetic traits, offers us an answer: extermination at the cost of white supremacy.

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Definition #9

Mohammad Ali describes white privilege in the United States to the tee. The host asks why Ali converted to the Muslim religion and states after praising his conversion and faith:

Black people have been brainwashed to love white and hate black. We have been robbed of our culture, we were robbed of our true history [we´re] a walking dead man. So you got black people in an all-white country and they know nothing of themselves, the speak the language but are mentally dead. This is happening all over the world but the first place where we’ll rise will be the black people of [US] America and the rest [will follow].

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*Thank you Michael McEachrante for the heads-up on Facebook.