Exposing white Finnish privilege #82: Good “refugees” are white and Christian, “bad” ones are Muslims

by , under Enrique Tessieri

In light of the Russian invasion and bloodshed in Ukraine, Finland has expressed its readiness to take in “tens of thousands” of “refugees” from that country, according to Yle. Remember last year, when Poland closed its border with Belarus over mostly Iraqis seeking asylum in the EU?

Remember the calls to keep out such asylum seekers by building a fence between Finland and Russia? Remember how parties like the Perussuomalaiset (PS)* and National Coalition Party (Kokoomus) demanded that Finland draft new laws that would temporarily exclude asylum seekers from seeking refuge?

Former Kokoomus MP and minister Kimmo Sasi said that Finland use violence to repel asylum seekers from entering Finland.

The narrative may have now changed, and it’s good news, somewhat.

A Yle news commentator said on Friday that “Finland can take in if needed tens of thousands of Ukrainian refugees. Finland has the resources even if Ukrainians have fled to neighboring countries.”

White Finnish privilege #82

In an opinion piece (in Finnish) by Reija Härkonen, she pointed out how the narrative has changed when those seeking asylum are white and Christian.

“Now, the situation is better since Ukraine is in distress, as sad as this may be. Conservative politicians, including Petteri Orpo, speaking before parliament on behalf of Ukraine, [are now] crying and showing an outpouring of sympathy. I have never heard, for example, such understanding for Iraqi and Syrian children.”

Here’s the question with an obvious answer: Why isn’t anyone speaking about building fences and even using violence against Ukrainian refugees? Why are refugees from outside the EU, mainly Muslims and Africans, called illegal immigrants?

The answer is clear. Where you are from and your religious background are crucial whether you will be accepted or scorned publicly.

Sad but true, but a lot of hypocrisy stains our present-day politics.

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