Defining white Finnish privilege #7: A definitive guide

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In many respects white privilege, or specifically white Finnish privilege, is a good way to understand some of the challenges that migrants and especially non-white Finns face in this country. Migrant Tales invites readers to share their thoughts on the social ill.

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It is surprising how global a social ill like white privilege is. The only matter that is different is the context. See full posting here. Thank you Ilona Tikka for the heads-up.


Definition #7

One of the matters that white Finnish privilege gives you is the right to become defensive and offended whenever a migrant or minority speaks about racism and discrimination in this country.

White Finnish privilege gives you the right to show your irritation if a non-white Finn claims that racism and discrimination occur. There are many responses that a white Finn can show. Some of these include neutral silence, diplomatic disagreement by stating that the same occurs in other countries, or open hostility by asking you to move back to where you came from.

All three responses are just as bad since they serve the status quo. Nothing is challenged, nothing changes because all three responses reveal varying degrees of denial.

Denial is the main component that gives white Finnish privilege immunity.

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