Turtianen is a threat to the PS and an example of everything that’s wrong with the far-right Islamophobic party

by , under Enrique Tessieri


Former Perussuomalaiset (PS) MP Ano Turtiainen has become a real thorn in the side of the far-right Islamophobic party. Apart from his racist postings of George Floyd, encouraging violence against asylum reception centers, assaulting a fourteen-year-old, wishing that asylum seekers would drown at sea, inciting civil war, anti-vaxxer buffoonery, and other issues.

His latest tweet states that he would be ready to kill people if a friend of his was forced to use a mask.

He tweets: “Everything pisses me off.

My friend said that ‘I would be ready to kill if someone in this

country forces me to use a mask.

I would not stand idly [if my friend would start to kill people].

Regards to my [MP] colleagues if you are for wearing masks.”

Even if Turtiainen’s tweet is taken up in parliament when it reconvenes Tuesday, his present behavior should not come as a surprise even if the PS wants him at a ten-foot-pole distance like the tweet below suggests.

What hypocrisy by PS’ Matias Turkkila blaming Turtiainen for his tweet. Turtiainen would have never gotten elected if it weren’t for the PS.

If there is a party (surprise, surprise!) that is to blame for the whole Turtiainen mess it is without a doubt the PS.

They knew about Turtiainen’s criminal record and his racist views, which are ok in the PS.

How many Turtiainen’s does the PS have?

I would say such a generous amount that without them the PS would cease to be the PS.

Turtiainen was expelled from the PS parliamentary group in June and from the party in February.