Ano Turtiainen, the Finnish MP who mocked George Floyd’s death, gives thumbs up to Greece’s “open sea” policy

by , under Enrique Tessieri

If politicians like MP Ano Turtiainan lived under the Nazi regime, it pretty clear what his view of the Holocaust. The disgraced politician, who mocked George Floyd’s death, now offers his “understanding” for Greece’s decision to secretly round up over a 1,000 asylum seekers and abandoning them on the open sea.

Turtiainen tweets: “It’s a totally natural matter that this happens [Greece abandons asylum seekers on the open sea]. At some point, each country’s [tolerance] reaches a limit.”

We all are well aware of Turtiainen’s racist world view. What is especially worrying about the tweet concerning asylum seekers is the silence, which is a political statement.

In the 2019 European parliament elections, a total of 234 Euro election candidates answered Alma Media’s election compass, a total of 85 (36.3%) of them stated that they either “strongly disagree,” “disagree” or are “neutral” (have no opinion) about the following claim:

“Is it the obligation of the EU to save all those migrants who attempt to come to Europe and who are at risk of drowning in the Mediterranean?”

Not only Islamophobic PS candidates were ready to let people drown in the Mediterranean, but also from mainstream parties like the National Coalition Paty (9/45% of candidates), Center Party (7/35%), Swedish People’s Party (4/20%), Christian Democrats (4/20%) and the Social Democrats (1/6.3%).

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Could a second Holocaust or systematic mass murder happen in Europe again in the face of ethnic and racial “purity?”

Turtiainan’s tweet and silence of Finland’s politicians, coupled with EU inaction on effective immigration policy, are worrying signs about our propensity for systematic mass murder.

Here is something to remember what Captain Gustave Mark Gilbert, the Army psychologist at the Nuremberg trials (1945-46), said about the Nazi war criminals on trial. All of them, according to him, could not feel with their fellow men. He said: “Evil, I think, is the absence of empathy.”