Finnish PS MP Ano Turtiainen jokes about George Floyd in a racist manner

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“The inhabitants of Juva are quiet about [MP] Ano Turtianen. [1] It is a sign that there is a lot of shame.”

A Juva resident

If there is a racist comment and swipe by a politician against a migrant or minority, you can bet that it is from the Perussuomalaiset (PS)* party.

PS MP Ano Turtiainen was elected to parliament last year. He was convicted for inciting violence against an asylum reception center, and has even encouraged people to take up arms and start a civil war. He’s claimed that Ebola is nature’s way of keeping Africa’s population in check.

Turtiainen’s latest tweet is really from the “ano,” or anus in Spanish. He tweeted a picture of George Floyd’s face on the ground as police officer Derek Chauvin kneels on his neck.

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The tweet is not only a slap in the face of George Floyd and to all the suffering black people are experiencing, it is also a swipe at Finland black community.

The “joke?” George Floyd’s wide-eyed face full of terror colored purple with the name of the 1960s rock band “Pink Floyd.”

Cruel, racist, and unbecoming of an MP but that’s not all he tweets. Turtainen stated that as black people get more rights, they become more unruly. He suggested that slavery would be an effective way of keeping blacks in line.

George Floyd and Turtiainen’s racist humor. In the tweet, he states that as blacks get more rights the more difficult they become.

As a matter of policy, Migrant Tales no longer publishes racist pictures by racist politicians.

MP Turtiainen is a meber of Finland’s biggest opposition party.

Thank you Reija Härkönen for the heads-up!

[1] ”Ano” is a real name in Finland. The equivalent name for women is Anna. The translation of “ano” in Spanish is the anus.