MP Ano Turtiainen: A shovelful of PS violence and rage

by , under Enrique Tessieri

I doubt that anyone of us wants to see a [civil] war in our country.

PS MP Ano Turtiainen

The Perussuomalaiset (PS)* MP with a curious first name, “Ano,” [1] Turtiainen is another dangerous example of how the Islamophobic party fuels the hostile environment against migrants and minorities like Muslims.

Recently we saw a deadly killing in Hanau, Germany, at the hands of a far-right German who turned words into bullets. Considering that lawmakers like Turtiainen and others are encouraging people to acts of violence, the horrific events in Hanau sends chills up our spines.

Turtiainen was quoted as saying in Mikkeli-based Länsi-Savo last year that he has no regrets about publishing in December 2015 a post where he asks people to burn asylum reception centers run by the Red Cross.

In another interview with the Mikkeli daily, he stated the conviction for inciting people to commit a crime was a” feather in his cap.”

What kind of a lawmaker is Turtiainen who directly incites (see posting below) white Finns to rise up in arms?

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One of his writings in Uusi Suomi was taken down recently. In the opinion piece, he called people to incite a civil war:

“I doubt that anyone of us wants to see a [civil] war in our country. We cannot, however, avoid such an eventuality if we continue this silent unsuspecting observation from the side when the enemy among us takes more power.

Use your voice and [say it] loudly! “

Ano Turtiainen: “member of parliament, father, town councilperson, entrepreneur, weightlifting world champion, weightlifting record holder.”

[1] “Ano” is a real name in Finland. The equivalent name for women is Anna. In Spanish, “ano” means anus.