Ano Turtiainen’s career as “a dark comedian” and politician go down in flames

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Perussuomnalaiset (PS)* MP Ano Turtiainen [1], who was expelled from the parliamentary group Thursday, but could rejoin the group after the end of the year if he had changed his racist ways.

To this offer, Turtiainen gave a redundant no.

“I am not going to request joining [the parliamentary group] again, but they can come to ask me with cap in hand,” he was quoted as saying in Yle.

Turtianen admitted that the racist tweet about George Floyd was a mistake and placed the blame on people who don’t understand “dark humor.”

“Dark humor?” Since when did Turtiainen start a new career as a comedian?

Read the full story (in Finnish) here.

Turtiainen said that he was planning to create a one-man party in parliament and was unsure if he’d take part in the municipal elections of Juva next year.

US-based Elitelts announced Friday that it is ending its business relationship with Ano Turtiainen’s company, Metal Sport & Gear. Source: Facebook.

Considering Turtiainen’s racist and offensive style, few will miss him and hope that he will only serve one term as MP.

Turtianen was elected in 2019 to parliament with 3,264 votes.

In a Yle election compass, Turtiainen’s view on immigration should not come to any surprise.

Source: Yle election compass.

[1] ”Ano” is a real name in Finland. The equivalent name for women is Anna. The translation of “ano” in Spanish is the anus.