What’s all the commotion about Wille Rydman? Why is Kokoomus now shocked?

by , under Enrique Tessieri

A big question remains after a Helsingin Sanomat investigative journalism piece exposed how National Coalition Party (Kokoomus) MP Wille Rydman treated women – even underaged ones – inappropriately. Some of these women, who were minors then, claimed that Rydman forced them to drink alcohol. 

A question remains: Why does Kokoomus appear so shocked today, even after the police decided not to press charges in 2020 against the MP? 

Source: Helsingin Sanomat

Several Kokoomus politicians like Nea Nättinen, the chairperson of the party’s student wing, expressed shock by the news.

“I believe in these women [who told about Rydman’s inappropriate behavior] and hope that this [case] will lead to a broad discussion between the parliamentary, council group, and the party leadership will take the necessary measures,” said Nättinen in Yle.

Kokoomus vice president MP Elina Valtonen said: “The Helsingin Sanomat story is entirely very objectionable, and I am at a loss for words [to describe what happened]. The most serious matter is the potential harassment of minors. Even a suspicion of this is a very serious matter. The scale and systematic nature of the activity are appalling.”

The party’s chairperson, Petteri Orpo, was quoted as saying that Kokoomus takes very seriously what allegedly happened and will take steps to ensure that nobody is treated inappropriately at the party.

Why are Orpo and Kokoomus now taking the accusations against Rydman seriously? Are their concerns credible? 

If Rydman was under police investigation two years ago and the party knew about this, even if no charges were brought against Rydman, why weren’t they outraged back then? Kokoomus has gone as far as to ask for a new police investigation.

Is the answer the upcoming parliamentary election of April and that Kokoomus’ convincing lead in opinion polls?

Considering Finland closes for the summer after Midsummer (June 25), interest in the story may wean.

Many Kokoomus politicians, especially Rydman, hope this will be the case.