Kokoomus’ “Jussi Halla-aho” is suspected of harassing underaged girls

by , under Enrique Tessieri

National Coalition Party (Kokoomus) MP Wille Rydman, whose xenophobic views have earned him the dubious label of being Kokoomus’ Jussi Halla-aho, is suspected by the police of harassing underaged girls. He is the same MP pushing hardline policies against asylum seekers because he is worried about sexual harassment.

Former Perussuomalaiset (PS)* chairperson Jussi Halla-aho was convicted in 2012 for ethnic agitation and breaching the sanctity of religion and has, in his blog writings, hoped that migrants rape certain MPs.

One of the far-right conspiracy theories spread by Rydman is the great replacement theory, which warns that Muslims and people of color will take over Europe and whites will become a minority.

National Coalition Party (Kokoomus) MP Wille Rydman is suspected of harassing underaged girls. Source: Helsingin Sanomat (paywall)

Helsingin Sanomat leads the story: “Several women report harassing behavior by MP Wille Rydman. Some were minors at the time of the incident, while others reported alcohol abuse and violence. In Kokoomus, Rydman’s interest in young women and girls has been widely discussed [and known] only inside the party. Rydman denies acting inappropriately.”

Rydman tweeted that he is planning to press charges against Helsingin Sanomat for writing a baseless “grossly stigmatizing article” He added that he would most probably report the matter to the police and charge Finland’s largest daily for aggravated defamation.

Source: Twitter

Apart from a long list of racist soundbites earmarked for public consumption, I had an opportunity to chat with Rydman in 2010. Back then, he wrote in a letter to the editor of Helsingin Sanomat that the state should neither support nor fund multiculturalism because it would hinder the adaption of immigrants into our society.

In plain English, Rydman wants to deny people their culture and identity. As most people know, such a proposal is not only racist but unconstitutional.

Moreover, when I corrected him that his opinions were a letter to the editor, he insisted that it was “an article” published by Helsingin Sanomat.