Was PS MP James Hirvisaari bullied at school and in the army?

by , under Enrique

The most recent scandal to rock the Perussuomalaiset (PS) party is another sad chapter in the history of the right-wing populist party and for the same reason: racism. The culprits are now MP James Hirvisaari and Kai Haavisto, member of the party’s Uusimaa regional board. What’s wrong with these people?

How can anyone who can count to five with his fingers suggest in 2012 that chemical castration should be an option to deal with potential rape when permitting new refugees to live in Finland?  What kind of world does Hirvisaari live in if he thinks that gang rape in South Africa is a genetic trait and a national pastime?

With respect to Hirvisaari, one could ask if his instransigent hatred against Africans and Muslims is “normal.”

Probably behind Hirvisaari’s hatred lies a hurt man who was bullied at school and in the army.

I wonder what Hirvisaari would say if I’d ask him the following question: Were you bullied as a child and as an adult? Are you getting back at those that hurt you by bashing immigrants in the same way?




  1. PS voter

    As voter of Perussuomalaiset, I think that the chemical castration talk by Kai Haavisto went too far, although it was a bit difficult to understand what exactly he was trying to say, as his writing was confusing. I wonder why he wrote it. I am pretty sure that he understood what kind of reaction it would cause.

    However, the Hihamerkki-caust was a canard or at least serious misrepresentation of facts in news. The writing by Helena Eronen was not that great, but it wasn’t inappropriate. And I am glad that James Hirvisaari was willing to defend Helena Eronen and the truth in the matter, even though it caused problems for him.