Some asylum seekers in Finland live in crowded rooms and in dreadful conditions

by , under Enrique Tessieri

Below are two picture and a short note from an asylum seeker called Adam who came to Finland in 2012. During his long and painful sojourn in this country, being locked up for a year at the Joutseno immigration removal center to being an undocumented migrant, Adam is now staying at an asylum reception center in the Greater Helsinki area.  

The pictures below speak for themselves: seven people crowded in a single room and living in questionable conditions. How many of us would be willing to live in such circumstances?

This is not the first time that Migrant Tales has written about the terrible conditions of migrants in Finland.

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The life of many asylum seekers means crowded rooms and long waits for asylum.

Adam writes:

We live 7 person in room now. They do sanctions against me. The workers have try to put more people in my room. I spoke to the social worker here many times that I don’t like when a lot of people. They specifically do what I don’t like.

[I] checked another rooms in the same floor, the customers live 4 persons in room like our. The Finnish refugee politic is shit. So, after this everything what the workers do to me, how can I be good with them or how can I respect them?

I haven’t [done a] crime. So, for what do they hate me so bad?”

Who would want to live in such a room for years?