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Asylum seeker who is married to a Finn expecting his child is released from Joutseno immigration removal center after 49 days

Migrant Tales insight: Finland locks up all kinds of people in immigration removal centers in Helsinki’s Metsäaä and Joutseno like women, men, children and whole families, even asylum seekers who have married Finns. 

Asylum seeker detained at the Joutseno immigration removal center: “I should go to my wife who is pregnant”   

In Joutseno, located 20km north of the southeastern Finnish city of Lappeenranta, is Finland’s second immigration removal center after Helsinki’s Metsälä. It is a place where Finland even locks up families with children and where suicides happen. Finland does this because it sees immigration as a threat. This fact is the basis of the country’s oppressive immigration policy, especially towards asylum seekers.

Speaking to two asylum seekers detained at the Joutseno immigration removal center

A twenty-four-year-old asylum seeker, which Finland has tried to deport twice and failed, has been locked up for about two months at the Joutseno immigration removal center. The question is for how long can the authorities keep a man locked up for simply refusing to be deported?

UPDATE: Three suicide attempts allegedly took place within a month at the Joutseno immigration removal center

The Joutseno immigration removal center must be a horrible place to end up in. Migrant Tales has heard that there have been at least three suicide attempts, two allegedly “successful” with one person hospitalized. 

Another suicide attempt takes place at the Joutseno immigration removal center

Migrant Tales has heard that a Moroccan national has allegedly attempted suicide at the Joutseno immigration removal canter of eastern Finland, according to a source who spoke on condition of anonymity. Two sources speak of three suicide attempts but these are unconfirmed.  It would be good matter if the authorities at the Joutseno immigration removal

Asylum seeker in detention cell 208: Two pictures, two views of the Joutseno immigration removal center

Below are two pictures taken of a window from the immigration removal center in Lappeenranta. The picture on the left was taken on Thursday and the one on the right in November. 

After Metsälä, Joutseno, Oulu will become Finland’s third immigration removal center

Finland’s third immigration removal center will start operating from the summer of 2019 in the northern city of Oulu, according to YLE. Finland has two detention centers located in the Helsinki neighborhood of Metsälä and in the eastern Finnish town of Joutseno.  The new immigration removal center house 30 people. The Finnish Immigration Service (Migri)

A letter from an Iraqi asylum seeker in detention cell 406 in Joutseno, Finland

Dear People of Finland, I write this letter from a detention cell in Joutseno* awaiting my possible deportation this week to Iraq. I’m worried and don’t know what will happen to me if I’m returned by force to Iraq. One matter is for sure: My life is in danger, and I won’t survive there. My