Finland’s radical-right populists have already broken their campaign promises

by , under Enrique Tessieri


The Perussuomalaiset (PS)* is a radical-right party with fringe elements. The pet topic that helps them cash in on voters is migration and migrants with the help of two main pieces of fake news.


It is odd, if not irresponsible, that the media does not ask the PS to specify so their deceptions would be exposed.

Have you noticed how the PS always speak of “migrants” as one group but don’t usually specify which migrant groups?

Who are these “migrants” that the PS constantly labels?

If we study their use of code words, migrant means Muslims and asylum seekers, who are people of color.

FAKE NEWS #1: According to the Finnish Immigration Service (Migri), those that belong in the latter groups accounted in 2019 for about 7.8% of all resident permits. If we look at a longer period, the percentage is about 12%.

A table that shows that the majority (40.8%) of residence permits were given on the premise of work. That was followed by family (21.5%), EU citizens (17.9%), and students (11.0%). Source: The Finnish Immigration Service.

FAKE NEWS #2: If the PS had its way, they would instill fear and hand deportations right and left to migrants. They would declare an all-out war on Muslims and make their lives more unbearable with the aim of destroying their identity.

One of the campaign promises made by the PS in the upcoming municipal elections is that the state should start to treat migrants as unequal members of society.

Let’s look at some of their pipedream promises:

  • Stop pampering migrants. Are they saying that the state should stop serving migrants as equal members of society?
  • Commit human rights violations by stopping services to undocumented migrants;
  • Stop the unconstitutional act of denying support for migrants’ language and culture;
  • Stop affirmative action;
  • Deport people who they believe have not become white enough.

10. “The pampering of migrants must end. Municipalities must stop giving services to illegal migrants, end supporting migrants’ language and culture, and should not use “affirmative action” [to employ] at the cost of [white] Finns. As a substitute to poor integration programs, poorly integrated migrants should be repatriated.”


Please don’t take my word but ask constitutional scholars how all the above-mentioned promises are unconstitutional. If the PS would want to make them legal, they’d have to change the constitution with a two-thirds majority or 175 votes.

The PS only has 38 MPs, and it is improbable that other parties will support the party’s racist cravings.

The PS is fake news and deception that bases its support on spreading racism and other social ills.