The wet political dream of the Perussuomalaiset party*

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With municipal elections nearing on April 18, it’s interesting to note how the Perussuoalaiset (PS) are sowing division. Like in previous elections, they have always received a boost by some sexual assault crimes caused by asylum seekers and people of color.

Their campaign is full of bravado mixed with impossible campaign promises.

Their pet topic and targets are (surprise-surprise) migrants. Their campaign promises to oppress and disenfranchise migrants. Fortunately, these proposals by the PS are unconstitutional and would never see the light.

People in Finland, irrespective of their background and legal status, are equal before the law and have a right to social welfare.

Apart from misleading and lying to their voters with populist malarkey, PS leader Jussi Halla-aho’s media statements make him look more like a loser like Donald Trump.

He said in Iltalehti that he wanted to put an end to the present government of Prime Minister Sanna Marin.

“We want decision-makers in Finland to put Finland and Finns first. For this reason, we don’t want the left-green government to continue. The best and only way to end to the government is to vote for the Perusuomalaiset. The government will fall when the Center Party leaves the coalition,” he was quoted as saying.

Below is an excerpt of the type of immigration policy Halla-aho and his followers would like to enforce in their dreams.

10. “The pampering of migrants must end. Municipalities must stop giving services to illegal migrants, end supporting migrants’ language and culture, and should not use “affirmative action” [to employ] at the cost of [white] Finns. As a substitute to poor integration programs, poorly integrated migrants should be repatriated.”

In reading the program of the PS, one wonders why there is so much discord and hatred towards migrants. Their loathing is not geared at white EU citizens but against Muslims, people of color, and other visible minorities.

Halla-aho’s wet political dream is for the Center Party to leave the government after suffering an election defeat in the municipal elections. This would provoke new elections that would turn Halla-aho into the next prime minister.

I can also write fairy tales but not as well as Halla-aho and his cronies.