UPDATED Feb. 20: Asylum seekers that are detained by the police service and face deportation from Finland

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We are concerned about the ever-oppressive immigration policy of Finland towards asylum seekers who are undocumented. We believe that the Finnish Immigration Service (Migri) and the police service plan to deport many Iraqis and other refugees this year who have two rejections for asylum. 

This job of rounding up and detaining asylum seekers and putting them in immigration removal centers like Metsälä in Helsinki is being carried out by Migri and the police service. It has the blessings of Prime Minister Juha Sipilä’s government.

“Nasir” was the latest Iraqi to be deported from Finland on Tuesday. See video here.

Since these vulnerable people aren’t supposed to have a name, Migrant Tales started to publish from January 2017 a list of people who are detained, deported or released by the police service. We depend on tip-offs by the public at large to update our list, which can alert different NGOs, human rights activists and the media about the people that Finland plans to deport this year.

If you know of any asylum seeker that was detained by the police service and who is going to be deported, please get in touch with us at migranttalesblog@gmail.com.

لو علمت بان احد طالبي اللجوء في فنلندا يتم احتجازه بغرض الترحيل القسري , الرجاء اعلامنا على migranttalesblog@gmail.com


Stories published by Migrant Tales on the above-mentioned deportation cases:

*Since the person is an asylum seeker and since we are concerned about his or her safety, Migrant Tales does not publish the real name of these victims. We have, however, some of their real names in our possession. 

  1. intternetnetsi

    “victims”…. They are illegally in finland and dont have need of protection.

    As you know “asylum seeker” doesnt mean one is entitled of asylum.

    There has to be personal threat where goverment cant or wont help. Not just being from fucked up area.

    • Migrant Tales

      I disagree. These undocumented migrants are in need of protection. Just because an anti-immigration party like the PS loathes human rights and cultural diversity shouldn’t mean that these people are cannon fodder for that party’s bad poll ratings. Read history, Hannu. Read it over and over again until you understand. One day you may be trying to get asylum in a foreign country and some jerk will tell you that he doesn’t believe you’re in danger. After that he’ll feed you to the dogs. Imagine how you’d feel.

  2. Finland is a hateful country

    “victims”…. They are illegally in finland and dont have need of protection.

    Yes they need protection, they are human beings, they are not illegally.

    Finnish law is a murderer, judges in Finland are murderer and terrorists, they sent back poor people to the middle of war and bombardment, shame on Finland ! down to the racists.

    Finnish people keep silent, they dont know it can happens to themselves too.
    Its war, no one knows, maybe tomorrow is your turn!

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