YLE: Red Cross sacks Kolari asylum reception center deputy manager

by , under Enrique Tessieri

Special thanks to Rovaniemi-based daily Lapin Kansa, YLE and Helsingin Sanomat that some solution to the ordeal of 129 asylum seekers at the Kolari reception center has ended with the sacking of Jari Sillantie, the deputy manager of the camp, according to YLE.  One of the biggest complaints that the asylum seekers had was Sillantie. 

Migrant Tales will publish more news on this and ask what the asylum seekers feel about this decision.

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  1. Vilzu

    This is an important achievement both for those who stay at Hotelli Kolari, and MT along with the media which carried the story. While it is wrong to demonise Mr. Sillantie who may not have been too happy with his job, it is right to listen to the complaints, and act upon them. Much too much has been put terribly wrong in the lives of those who stay in Kolari, so it is about time someone puts things right(er) again, builds trust, and eventually builds confidence.

    There is also the upcoming summer mosquito season to consider, which may be a nerve-wracking experience for those who aren`t used to it. Wouldn`t it be possible to arrange for lodging in e.g. Rovaniemi (student apartments, which could be available for the summer months) as the spring semester is about over, and return to Kolari in August – if necessary – when the worst is over? The inhabitants may have trouble sleeping during the “white nights” anyway, not to speak of insects the noise and sting of which will make falling asleep quite a lot more difficult. Many will be very tired and very unhappy.