YLE of Finland changes picture of niqab-wearing woman after objections. The new picture still instills fear of asylum seekers.

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YLE published on Wednesday a story about what different parties’ positions are on migration and cultural diversity. The picture that the Finnish state-owned broadcaster chose was, in our opinion, a poor example of opinionated journalism that fuels fear and racism. 

Migrant Tales asked: “If the story is to look at each parties’ stand on migration, what is a woman with a niqab doing in the picture? The article calls it burka but in fact, the woman is wearing a niqabBy the way, how many women wear the niqab never mind the burka in Finland?”

After objections from NGOs like Fem-R and others like us, YLE decided to trash the original picture and replace it with two visible migrants, which instill fear and racism of asylum seekers.

Racist journalism is always harmful to migrants.


The original article published on Wednesday.



The latest version of the story that continues to instill fear of asylum seekers.

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