Yle A-studio host Marja Sannikka does it again and cannot get migrants off her mind

by , under Enrique Tessieri

A-studio Host Marja Sannikka* hosted a disastrous talk show with Renaz Ebrahimi last year and, recently, a program on youth gangs Both were disingenuous and unfair to minorities

Well, Sannikka is at it again, and wouldn’t you know that she had something lowly to say about migrants?

Tuesday’s A-studio talk show was about civil disobedience, and Sannikka asked an environmental activist if her civil disobedience would include crimes committed by migrants.


That is pretty far-fetched and reveals that Sannikka has an agenda against minorities and migrants.

Marja Sannikka on A-studio. Source: A-studio.

*Thank you Ambrosius Wollsten for the heads up!

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