WTF: Jussi Halla-aho on Pekka Kataja and his blind spot and alternate reality

by , under Enrique Tessieri

Perussuomalaiset (PS) chairperson Jussi Halla-aho is the Finnish version of Hungarian strongman Viktor Orbán. If he had his way, Finland would deport Muslims, deny asylum to people dependent on race, encourage dog-eat-dog economics, and scale down the welfare state.

Halla-aho’s alternate reality and that of his party sometimes cause a knee-jerk reaction: WTF.

We have ready about the brutal assault that PS councilperson Pekka Kataja suffered Friday. Wouldn’t you have it that Halla-aho and party secretary who is an ethnonationalist, Simo Grönroos, speculated right after the attack that it was not an isolated crime but politically motivated.

Taking into account how much Kataja has changed his interpretation of events, we are still in the dark about the motive of the assault.

Watch the full broadcast here.

PS MP Sebastian Tynkkynen, who has two convictions for ethnic agitation, pleads that the demonization of the PS should stop now. “Let’s take care of Finnish democracy,” he added.

Here is where we venture into WTF territory. The reporter asks Halla-aho what he thinks if the attack was politically motivated.

“It [the Pekka Kataja case] worries me about the direction society is heading. Above all, I am concerned about the persistent and continuous attack against a party [the PS] that demonizes and spreads hysteria. I am certain that this may encourage some circles to believe that all options are acceptable. These are the thoughts that [the Kataja affair] awakens in me.”

Hold your horses. Not too fast.

A question: What about, Halla-aho, those years of demonizing and fear-mongering you and your party are guilty of for years? What about your past writings where, among other matters, you wrote that some women politicians should get raped “to get a taste of their multicultural medicine?

Remember when you wrote about shooting of a gay in the head at Tehtaanpuisto park?

What happened to Kataja is unacceptable, but to portray him as a political victim or martyr is missing the point.

As long as Halla-aho and the PS continue with these baseless arguments, all they do is expose their shameless hypocrisy.