Why was Migrant Tales deactivated for about thirteen hours?

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By Enrique Tessieri

Thursday night was one of the worst I had experienced in a while: my son tells about some SKV neo-Nazi stickers put on a lamppost in front of our house  and then Migrant Tales gets deactivated a couple of hours later because “it does not comply with the WordPress.com Terms of Service or advertising policy.” What’s going on? 

Without any warning, WordPress shut us down and hate forums like Hommaforum, which is closely linked to Perussuomalaiset (PS) MP Jussi Halla-aho’s Scripta, are dancing on Migrant Tales’ grave.

Sorry to ruin the party, folks, but the music ended abruptly thirteen hours later after we were deactivated. I got the following message from WordPress: “Your site was flagged by our automated anti-spam controls. I have reviewed your site and have removed the suspension notice. We are very sorry for that happening and the inconvenience it caused you.” Hmmm.

An anonymous comment on Zuzeeko’s blog, On The Road to Success, reinforces a different story: “It’s offline due to Neo-Nazis making fake complaints against the blog.”

But that’s not all. The following day I get an email from a person who apparently holds a serious grudge against us. After trying to get us to pay him 3,000 euros to settle out of court for [now listen to this] for defaming an anonymous person on our blog, he actually does end up sending an email to one of my workplaces and tells the whole staff what a terrible person I am.

The person even threatened to organize a petition against me. The petition, according to him, is to force me to state in every blog entry that I do not represent all immigrants in Finland but only those on Migrant Tales.

Apparently, this person is very angry at us because we think his and Halla-aho’s points of view of immigrants are simplistic to say the least.

During the spring, Migrant Tales will move to another site where it will be virtually impossible to shut us down.

Thank you all for your support. We have grown stronger from this experience.

  1. eyeopener

    Hi Enrique.

    The opponents’ reactions are a sign of desperation!!. They can’t get us down. Now they try to put any trgger they can get.

    They will use anything against us to defame, insult and provoke MT and you personally. As they have done with many of us.

    They will use any legal and illegal options to put us out of “business”.

    But you know: A united people will never be defeated. We never give up, whatever!!

    As simple as that.

  2. BlandaUpp

    When I saw the site was down, that was the first thing that came to mind. After some googling, I discovered the Homma forum thread and the Iltalehti thread with people posting links to your workplaces.

    The site has clearly struck a nerve. Day in and day out you tirelessly expose and debunk their racist, xenophobic and islamophobic bullshit. They just can’t handle this much truth.

    Stay strong and I wish nothing but safety for you and your family.

  3. eyeopener

    Hi BlandaUpp

    Thanks for the support for Enrique.

    It’s interesting to read the combined efforts of Hommaforum AND ILTALEHTI’s thread to defame Migrant Tales and Enrique.

    You discovery do not onle reveal the actions of already known opponents as Hommaforum, Suomen Sisu, Yiarauta etc. More interesting is the involvement of tabloids like ILTALEHTI.
    Such findings really underpins my belief that a common understanding and representation of “the foreigener” is being created.

    The preparation of the “commonly accepted degredation of the foreigener” is being orchestrated by the far-right wing oppostion.

    My earlier comments on “the silent majority” becomes more relevant. Keep in mind that the “silent” becomes very “noisy” 🙂

  4. D4R

    Well ill be got damn, is this how they get down? once they see someone being a competiotio they try to take out. These Homaforum gangsters really disturb me, who knows what are these capable of. Enrique you should definately make a complaint, this is getting seriouse.

  5. eyeopener


    Don’t get upset. The allegations, threats, defamations etc. belong to this dispute according to the opposition.

    Physical and mental threats should be reported. True!! And as many as possible. Question here is: does the police take these reports serious!! I really doubt! I am absolutely critical.

    The Hommaforum guys are capable of doing any harm to Enrique. There is no doubt about it. As I hope the police takes his compalints serious Otherwise they will have to take a good look in the mirror and face serious legal charges!! Police is one but they are not God and therefore untouchable. We don’t live in the USA in the 20-70?? However, the “Trayvon-case” should make us more alert.

    Have a nice weekend.

    • Migrant Tales

      Göran why don’t you cool it, ok? This is totally ridiculous and only a storm in a tea cup.

  6. Visitor

    I saw this blog gone, then did some search on Google, saw the thread by Iltalehti racists and knew immediately they were behind it. You shouldn’t stop posting here, I don’t think they will try it again after failing so hard.

    • Migrant Tales

      Hi Visitor and welcome to Migrant Tales. The problem with a lot of racists is that they are so blinded by their hatred that it impairs their judgement. It is like the warning on the Troll cigarette pack: TROLLS ARE HAZARDOUS TO YOUR MENTAL HEALTH AND MAY SERIOUSLY DISTORT YOUR VIEW OF OTHER GROUPS.

  7. Native Finnish Woman

    Thanks for shedding light on what happened, Migrant Tales. Does this mean that it was indeed an orchestrated “plot” by someone/some people to trigger WordPress to close the blog down? Well, like I said on the other comment thread, I can’t believe what a dumb stunt that is to pull. What did they think they would accomplish? Do they have any idea how negatively the younger general public views internet vandalism like this? It’s absolutely horrible PR for the anti-diversity camp, as usual.

  8. justicedemon

    I found only one discussion thread on the Iltalehti site, most of which seemed to be a Monty Python style “argument” about relative employment rates between a registered user who had consulted the online database of Statistics Finland and various anonymous epähiket who did not know how to query that database. This was all very familiar, right up to the point at which another registered user tried to defend the epähiket by coming over all clever like:

    se linkki ei johda mihinkään kuten yleensä mitä laitat

    Well, it’s certainly not much use if you don’t know how to query the engine 🙂

    maahanmuuttajista työelämässä non 20-25%
    38% on aivan mahdotonta koska maahanmuuttajista on iso osa lapsia ja kotiäitejä sekä eläkeläisiä mm. virosta ja venäjältä,
    somaliäideistä 46% on yksinhuoltajia
    245 000 maahanmuuttajaa suomessa joista esim. somaleita 16 000
    virolaisia ja venäläisiä noin 60 000 josta valtaosa on on jo eläkkeellä koska tulivat suomeen paluumuuttajina
    245 000 maahanmuuttajasta noin puolet on lapsia jotka eivät voie des käydä töissä ja muutenkin nuorten 18-25 on vaikea työllistyä
    120 000 on siis lapsia ja eläkeläiisä noin 50 000 eli 170 000 ja sen päälle tulee työttömät joita on useita kymmeniä tuhansia joten tuo 38% 245 000 ei voi millään pitää paikkansa lähes 100 000 maahanmuuttajaa 245 000 ei ole työelämässä ei ainakaan verollisessa palkkatyössä, todennäköisesti osa on myös kurseilla ja eivät näy silloin työttöminä

    The hugely amusing thing about this is that the writer is here insisting on precisely the statistical weightings and qualifications that pull the teeth from the original “shocking” statistic. The epähiket would probably give him a punch in the mouth for his pains, if only they could follow the reasoning. 🙂

  9. justicedemon


    English beer is eroding your Finnish grammar. The word is epähikke and you know exactly what it means.

    You can add it to a list of interesting new expressions from the Halal–höpö dictionary that are only used by your cryptofascist buddies, such as kukkahattutäti, punavihermädättäjä and hyysääjä-ämmä.

  10. eihannu

    Eyeopener you are “shocked” and you did call assasination, please….
    And enrigue knew well enough that it wasnt attack, well im not sure if his understanding in english is as bad as in finnish….. Im doubting general level of understanding in any language.
    No one plotted or made this blog to be suspended, it was automatic system what noticed enriques idiotic way to use short urls even if he didnt have any reason to use those. I wont click one because you can hide anything behind it.
    Now say “im sorry that im paranoid”

  11. Allan

    Oh dear, Eihannu, after that Kuvalauta episode we all know the intarweb knowledge of Enrique. I am just worried I’ll lose my favorite source of mirth when the script kiddies find his “own” website. Bad move IMNSHO, though its true the Americans hosting these, be it WP or Blogspot don’t give a flying fuck about blogs but pull the plug at anything they don’t understand or someone makes a complaint (unfounded or not). I had my “own” website (s) back in the 90’s and early 2000 still when it was “k3wl”

  12. justicedemon


    Epähikke: a school student who generally sits at the back of the class paying little or no attention to schoolwork. Contrasted with hikke (or hikipinko): a school student who generally sits at the front of the class and is passionately interested and absorbed in schoolwork.

    None of these words are listed in the 8th edition of Nykysuomen sanakirja (1983). I did find hikipinko in the second printing of Suomen kielen perussanakirja (2004).

    Hikke is most certainly in common usage at schools throughout Finland. Epähikke is simply the opposite of this word. It is my contention that a very substantial majority of hommaforum types fall into the epähikke category. Typically this means an inability to appreciate a two-line argument and an associated gullibility for any facile claim with a two-line refutation. It also generally means deliberately maintaining and praising the cult of ignorance celebrated in the first 20 seconds of the old Sam Cook classic:


  13. Allan

    OK, “hikipinko” is clear, “hikari” or “hikis” as well, never heard “hikke”… must be a generational slang gap.