Who remembers Ulla Pyysalo and her links to the neo-Nazi PVL?

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By Enrique Tessieri

Remember Ulla Pyysalo, Perussuomalaiset (PS) party MP Juho Eerola’s aide? She’s the one who got her fingers burned when her name appeared on a hacked membership list of the neo-Nazi Pohjoismaisen vastarintaliike (PVL).  Pyysalo said that she would resign if she found a new job by the end of last year. Well, folks, surprise, surprise… My sources in parliament tell me that Pyysalo is still working for Eerola.

The Pyysalo affair demonstrates beyond any doubt that it is perfectly fine to be a PS member and belong to a neo-Nazi association like PVL as long as you were drunk while applying for membership or didn’t quite know what you were doing but thought it was a patriotic act.

What is not acceptable to the PS, however, is to threaten people’s lives.  Hemmo Koskiniemi was informed by Soini that he did not want the Rovaniemi city councilman to run for the party in the October 28 municipal election.

Prior to the death threat, Soini appears not to be worried at all by the racism and xenophobia spread in Koskiniemi’s writings.

Migrant Tales had got in touch with Uusi Suomi, the City of Rovaniemi and Council for Mass Media in Finland (JSN) about a blog Koskiniemi blog entry published on June 7, 2011.

Thus if you are a PS member, it is perfectly fine to get fined for hate speech, spread urban myths about immigrants, pile racist rhetoric deep and high, belong to a neo-Nazi association as long as you are drunk  but don’t threaten people’s lives!

  1. justicedemon

    Well obviously Ulla Pyysalo should follow the advice of our trolls who insist that finding a job is easy, and that if you can’t find one, then you must be lazy or stupid or both.

  2. Allan

    According to the resident communists, pyysalo should whine about racis, xenophobia & blaa blaa blaa, as finding a job got nothing to do with her own actions, but because shes a woman.

    • Enrique

      Allan, who these “resident communists” are? Do you mean Helsingin Sanomat or Suomen Kuvalehti?

  3. Mark


    So anybody complaining about inequality is just ‘whining’. Allan, you are the whiner around here. Other people are just discussing issues. You are wasting comment after comment make stupid remarks about the people writing on this blog.

    By the way, you are right, being a woman will affect whether she gets a job. Fact. Although I would avoid your usual bluff and bluster in saying it has ‘nothing to do with her actions’ and say that it’s a combination of factors. But that kind of grey doesn’t fit into your black and white, does it?

    What a pain you are. You are really offering very little in the way of proper discussion. I wonder how much longer Enrique will tolerate your trolling. 🙂

  4. Allan

    Mark – you are free to complain if you have any feasibly relevant grief. Complaining of your own faults you can freely do at the mirror.

    The “discussion” here is reflecting your own incapabilities. Celebrate stupidity.

  5. Mark


    Go take a running jump! You start to be offensive. You have not responsed to any of the concrete points made against you in any of the ongoing threads. Your posts are incoherant, and you switch from one point of attack to another without dealing with the issues in any way. The final straw is just babble, or, to put it in Allan-speak ‘blah,blah, racist, blah, stupid’.

    Yes, I am free to complain, and I am complaining. What the fuck is ‘feasilbe relevant grief’?

    I despair…….

    Well, if this continues, I will not engage you in debate. Simple.

  6. Mark


    I refer you to the blog entry on Steverp and our conversation about Hannah Shah’s novel.

    Actually, I haven’t been whining about Finland or Finns. But hey, don’t let that small fact get in the way of your rants.

    Have a nice life and good luck getting some other mug to debate with you.

  7. Allan

    I answered a lengthy bit, but it never showed up. So you can stay content of being “right” while everyone else knows the reality.

  8. Mark

    I see. Well, it’s only ‘everyone else’s reality’ if you don’t share the fact. As it happens, you were prepared to share a lot of crass, incoherent comments, but not that important point. Do you expect me to be a mind-reader? Seems that way.

    ‘Everyone else knows the reality’. You sound like a jilted lover. 🙂

  9. Mark

    What do you do, Allan, take one word from my post and construct a reply around it with the sole purpose of being abusive? Our is this a tactic to try drown out genuine discussion?

  10. eyeopener

    @Mark and Enrique.

    That’s exactly Allan’s tactics. He never goes into a real discussion. He knows that he has no arguments, let stay an argumentation. But he just wants to show of, irritate and offend people.

    These tactics really show what kind of a person Allan actually is: Gutter-Butter!! Don’t wash time on the mental junk-yard. BNP and Combat 88 is his terrain!! He feels extremely comfortable with people who organize themselves in “Schlager-Gruppen” such as the Nationalists in Russia.

    Allans are from all cultures. To speak about multi-culturalism. SIC!!

    • Enrique

      –Notice, why is Finland a good place? Because it is Finland, and Finns and immigrants appreciate it being so.

      Then what are you doing in England judging people who live here? Thank you for the video clip and the theatrics.

  11. Allan

    Because I am a Finn, or should I whine about the UK not having saunas or rye bread. You should be whining about Argentina, not about Finland. Why are you in Finland if you don’t like it thats what I wonder?