What did PS’ Veikko Vallin say at the Tampere city council meeting?

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Do we need to know the Perussuomalaiset (PS)* MP’s track record and what he has said about asylum seekers, Muslims, people of color, and other minorities in the past? His tirade against asylum seekers was so racist that the Left Alliance bloc threatened to leave the meeting if Vallin didn’t stop talking. 

Vallin, an avid Donald Trump follower who boasts about how little taxes he pays in Finland because his money is in Estonia, likes to also take pictures of day-care children and women in Muslim attire and publish them without permission on social media.

Read the full story (in Finnish) here.

Vallin is your typical opportunist Islamophobe.

I wrote a rebuttal to his letter to the Helsinki Times editor. He chose instead not to engage in a debate with me.

Time and time again, Islamophobic politicians like Vallin back down when confronted and asked to elaborate what they said.

For them, it is convenient, for political profit, to pick on vulnerable groups that cannot protect themselves from such hostility.

@MailVeikko tweets in August 2020: ”Helsinki yesterday. In my opinion, that scary black clothing is inappropriate for the [day care] profession. I won’t say anything more, even if I wanted to say something about Isis women. The @vihreat [Green League] must consider that type of work clothing trendy.”

Part of my rebuttal in Helsinki Times (2020): “How are those ‘many migrants ‘from developing countries’ supposed to integrate if Vallin and the PS paint them as a threat to our country? A young Muslim woman I interviewed recently told me that the biggest issues in Finland continue to be othering. ‘Muslims are not seen as Finn,’” according to her.

Vallin has an Islamophobia issue. Those who talk tough and hide their cowardice with bravado are nothing but weak politicians.

Therefore, knowing what the PS MP said at the city council meeting would do nothing to change our perception of him.