Two white Finn suspects held in police custody for Somali Finn youth death

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UPDATED (3.5): What happened and led to the death of a Somali Finn? Where do we go from here?

UPDATED (29.4): Who killed the 18-year-old Somali Finn? Was it a hate crime or not?

An 18-year-old youth was killed by two suspects Sunday at 10.30 pm at the Kannelmäki train station of Helsinki, according to a statement by the Helsinki Police. The two suspects are allegedly skinheads and stabbed the victim, who is a Somali Finn, eight times.

The police did not confirm by midday the ethnic background of the victim or the suspects.

The family of the young victim, who was the eldest child, suffered another death when their newborn child died at birth.

Read the original Helsinki Police statement (in Finnish) here.

The 18-year-old victim.

An interesting matter to watch from the case is how long it will take for the police to determine if what happened was a hate crime or not.

One Somali Finn told Migrant Tales that there are two versions of what led to the death of the young man. One of these is that it was a gang fight and the other was that he was attacked and killed by two skinheads.

Some are asking as well how the media and police would react if the victim were a white Finn and the suspects to members of Finland’s racialized community.

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Thank you, Christian Thibault, for the heads-up.

  1. PS voter

    According to the police the pictures of alleged perperators that are spreading on social media, are fake news. You should stop spreading them.

  2. PS voter

    BTW, when for example a migrant cut the throat of a Finnish woman, mainstream media hardly mentioned it and hushed it away. Same thing happened when a Som ali man ki lled two with axe.

  3. PS voter

    The point is that you asked: “how the media and pol ice would react if the vic tim were a white Finn and the suspects to members of Finland’s racialized community”. I offered you examples how Finnish media has hushed that kind of crimes where the victim of quite brutal homicides has been white Finn and the perpetrator is not a white Finn, even though you seemed to imply that the effect would be the opposite.

    And please don’t try to put your own words to my mouth or spread again fake news, like you did now with the picture. This is not the first time you have been spreading untrue rumors. Pol ice has had to intervene to the spreading of this kind of untrue rumors now and also before. That kind of untrue rumors might lead to violent revenge attacks.

    I never said that death of Som al i youth should not be grieved. In fact, if you for example check your story about Ab disalam Moh amed Abulah (Espoo-Leppävaara young man sentenced six years for mans laughter), I said there that the punishment for that kind of cri me should be much longer sen tence. I think I have also offered condolences in that case, just like in the case of Stephen Lawrence or Emmett Till, but I am not sure if I have done that on Migrant Tales or somewhere else (e.g. Hom maforum).

    • PS voter

      Btw, I recommend your read about the tor ture mur der of Kriss Donald. It is good example how white victims of horrible rac ist attacks are ignored by media and how rev enge is often directed to persons who have nothing to do with the original cri me. On Wikipedia there is also following part you would like to highlight to you:

      Yasmin Alibhai-Brown also cited the Donald case when highlighting the lack of concern for white victims of rac ist mur ders. She drew comparisons with high-profile eth nic min ority vic tims, asking whether Donald’s mur derers were “less evil than those who ki lled Stephen Lawrence”. Alibhai-Brown came to the conclusion that treating “some vic tims as more worthy of condemnation than others is unforgivable—and a betrayal of anti-ra cism itself”