The PS and Riikka Purra pile it high and deep

by , under Enrique Tessieri

Here is an example of a discriminatory and spiteful message by the far-right Perussuomalaiset (PS)* party head, Riikka Purra. With parliamentary elections in April, she and the PS are ratcheting up their xenophobic message.

“A foreigner is entitled to social welfare when making 716 euros a month. Such a [benchmark] was given the green light by the social welfare act passed by the National Coalition Party, Center Party, and Blue Reform. During this period, one can calculate income requirements to see what a good deal this is for Finland and tax payers. Labor migration only works if it is based on nationality, as required by the PS. In this way, a migrant lives off his salary and not on social welfare.”

As the claim by Purra reveals, the only role of the PS is to poison the atmosphere, lie and keep migrants and minorities as second-class members of society. In other words – it is toxic and racist and unsubstantiated blah blah.

Source: Twitter

Purra piles it high and deep.


Because of Section 6 of the constitution.

The latter means that you cannot draft discriminatory laws in plain English.

Thus if you want to do away with social welfare rights, it would only be possible if it applied to everyone.

Purra should know this but conveniently plays dumb like her party usually does regarding migrants and minorities.

Let’s vote this party back in April to the minor political leagues.

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