The police officer, and the asylum seeker’s lighter: “I’ll give it back to you in Baghdad”

by , under Enrique Tessieri

A twenty-one-year-old Iraqi asylum seeker, who was miraculously saved from deportation twice, told about his last ordeal. He remembers a woman police office in Mikkeli who took his lighter and said she would return it in Baghdad. 

The police officer took the asylum seeker’s lighter when they were smoking together. He offered her his lighter because the police officer din’t have a light.

“She kept the lighter and said that she’d give it back in Baghdad,” he said, confirming that she still hasn’t returned the lighter to him.

The lighter that the woman police officer promised to give back in Baghdad. She still has it and hasn’t returned it.

Is this the way the Finnish police acts with asylum seekers who are in shock and worried about their deportation?

The lighter affair reveals a lot about how some police, who forcibly deport people back to countries like Iraq, feel about such people. One of the matters that it reveals is power with a stark message: You are worthless and I don’t have any feelings or pity for you but you will have a lighter in Baghdad.

If the actions of the police officer raises some questions, the asylum seeker told about the judge that was going to approve his deportation order.

“I thought the judge, who was not an old man, would have some compassion,” he said. “He was tough, cold-hearted, and he avoided eye contact. All he said, after they got the decision from the supreme administrative court, was that I would have to be deport as fast as possible.”

During his detention, another police officer tried to calm him by stating that nothing would happen to him in Iraq even if he had changed his faith from Muslim to Christian. The asylum seeker said that he believed in God, his savior, would protect him.

“All these things [and many more] made me feel depressed and bad,” he concluded.

  1. Light

    *** He remembers a woman police office in Mikkeli who took his lighter and said she would return it in Baghdad ***

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