The more proof that labor discrimination is king in Finland, the less is done to tackle the problem

by , under Enrique Tessieri

Racism is such a big issue in Finland that even white people are discriminated.

Another news story. Another example. You will lose out in the Finnish labor market if you don’t have a Finnish name. If there is overwhelming proof that this type of discrimination takes place, why does it continue? Why aren’t there any stories in the Finnish media that sued an employer for discrimination?

Why are we reading over and over again ad nauseam about labor market discrimination?

Instead of changing your name to a Finnish-sounding one, why isn’t enough being done?

The big issues isn’t exposing discrimination in the media and in studies, which is welcome, but not doing or doing very little about it is the problem. We don’t make a big fuss about discrimination because we don’t take it seriously enough.

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Stop the official blah-blah-blah and start taking concrete steps to tackle not only labor market discrimination but all types of discrimination.