The election result Sunday will expose nasty things about Sweden and the Nordic region

by , under Enrique Tessieri

Sweden will elect 349 MPs of the Riksdag (parliament) today, and the big question is how well the far-right Sweden Democrats will fare. According to various opinion polls, the Sweden Democrats are seen coming second after the Social Democrats. The biggest upset would be the Sweden Democrats doing better than the conservative Moderate party.

Just like the far-right Perussuomalaiset (PS)* in 2011, the Sweden Democrats scored their best election victory in 2010 by almost doubling their support to 12.9% (+29 MPs to 49MPs) from 5.7% (20 MPs) in parliament.

Even if Sweden Democrat chairperson Jammie Akesson assures us that the party has moved away from its racist and neo-Nazi past, some are not convinced.

Up to now, all mainstream political parties in Sweden have blocked the party from forming part of a government.

Source: Politico

Why all the commotion and support for the Sweden Democrats?

It’s the same story in all of the Nordic Countries: migration.

In Finland, the Perussuomalaiset (PS)* plays the same toxic tune as in Denmark (Social Democrats today and formerly Danish People’s Party), and the Progressive Party (FrP) of Norway.

In Denmark, the Islamophobic narrative has taken hold of the country’s political environment, and the same is happening in Finland and Norway. A big victory for the Sweden Democrats today could shift matters in the country for a long time.

Sweden’s election result will further destroy the exceptionalist view that we are open and friendly people because of our Nordic welfare system. While not to the same degree as countries like France, the Nordic region also has a big racism problem.

If the Nordic region did not have a racism problem, why is it that there is a sizeable Islamophobic party in each of these countries?

Sensible people understand that scapegoating migrants and minorities for the country’s problems is wrong. If we respect and believe in our social welfare system, we should have enough confidence to correct our mistakes.

One of the significant issues in the election is gang violence in Sweden. Some of these gang members are 9-10 years old. What is the solution? More police officers and stricter sentences?

Such solutions are used in countries where social policy has failed and suffer from human rights violations.

It’s high time for Sweden to look in the mirror and correct the mistakes of the past.

One good way would be to make society more inclusive and promote social equality.

If we fail by caving into our racism we risk destroying our welfare system and its precious values.

The monster of violence staring at Sweden is its own doing littered with social policy failures.