Thanks to France, Riikka Purra, like Jussi Halla-aho, is foaming at the mouth and eager to showcase her racism

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I, for one, am happy that Perussuomalaiset (PS)* politicians like MP Riikka Purra constantly expose their racist and bigoted self. Purra is not only a Finnish white supremacist but a person who would have felt at home in the pseudo race “theories” of the Third Reich.

Imagine any person stating with a poker face that the mixing of people, religions, cultures in the West [not] IS SUCH A GOOD MATTER,” according to her.

Yes, you read, correctly. This is not a crackpot statement made by some deranged power-hungry racist but by the vice president of the PS, Riikka Purra.

States PS’ Riikka Purra: “Wouldn’t it be high time to think that the mixing of people, religions, cultures in the West [not] IS SUCH A GOOD MATTER? Mass immigration from the developing world and violent cultures ARE A PROBLEM. Beheading is just one example.”

In Purra’s little world the following happened or never happened:

  • The Garden of Eden actually existed in Finland, not in Babylonia;
  • The Purras of Finland never mixed with other religions and cultures;
  • The fact that over 1.2 million Finns emigrated from this land between 1860 and 1999 does not imply that they ever mixed with other religions and cultures;
  • Purra is not insulting immigrants from her land, just telling them that they were losers and fools;
  • Eugenics is not a pseudoscience:
  • Racism is not a pseudoscience;
  • The Purras of Finland are so hygienic racially that they don’t produce any human waste.

Imagine, a grown woman with a master’s degree speaking in such a manner about one oldest phenomena on Earth: migration.

Where did the Finnish education system go wrong? Or does it reveal that there is something wrong with your education system?