Somali-Finn victim’s mother appeals manslaughter conviction

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The mother of eighteen-year-old Keyse Abdifatah Maalesh, stabbed to death at Kannelmäki Helsinki railway station on April 26, 2020, by a white Finn called Miro Pesonen, is appealing the involuntary manslaughter ruling on September 7, 2020, by the Helsinki District Court.

The mother who said that she had not found the energy to pursue the case because of health issues, believed that the Court of Appeal would decide on their appeal “soon.”

Keyse Abdifatah Maalesh was stabbed and killed on April 26 at the Kanneläki train station of Helsinki. The police did not consider the death a hate crime. Source: Facebook

She added that at the time of the death of her son, she felt abandoned by the authorities, the Somali and foreign community.

“I was all alone,” she added. “I felt abandoned by the authorities, the Somali and foreign community.”

“We appealed the decision of the Helsinki District Court and are hoping to raise the conviction to 9-10 years from 5 years now,” she added.

She said that the person who stabbed her son was intimidated by his dark skin and because he was tall physically.

The mother, who lost a child at birth about the same time when her son was killed, said that she does not believe in Finnish justice.

“If a foreigner did something small [crime] at an R-Kiosk, a big commotion would emerge,” she said. “If a foreigner would have done what happened to my son, he’d receive a tough sentence and be deported from the country.”

The mother said that if she’d known that her son would be killed in Finland, she would have preferred not to move to Finland.

The mother moved to Finland in the early-1990s when she was a child.

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