Shame on Fortress Europe – 44,746 deaths

by , under Enrique Tessieri

The 44,746 deaths of people attempting to cross the Mediterranean and deaths due to Fortress Europe policies are another black spot on Europe. The deaths span from 1993 to June 1. Our indifference and apathy to this humanitarian crisis make the Mediterranean and Europe grow into a grave with unknown and forgotten people.

Indifference is one issue about our shameful behavior. But, others, like some of our politicians who would not care an iota if people who flee wars, hunger, and poverty die.

In Finland we exposed them thanks to an election compass in 2019.

Migrant Tales wrote back then: A total of 234 Euro election candidates answered Alma Media’s election compass, a total of 85 (36.3%) stated that they either “strongly disagree,” “disagree,” or are “neutral” (have no opinion) about the following claim: “Is it the obligation of the EU to save all those migrants who attempt to come to Europe and are at risk of drowning in the Mediterranean?”

The answers above were by Finnish MEP candidates who should know better.

Read the full statement here.

Europe’s immigration and refugee policy needs a long-overdue overhaul.

Europe’s history and hatred of its former colonial subjects allow it to remain indifferent.