Riikka Purra is the ugly Finn who even sees Muslims under her bed

by , under Enrique Tessieri

Perussuomalaiset (PS) vice president and MP, Riikka Purra, likes to talk tough against Muslims and people of color. Her whole political message hinges on one overriding matter: spreading hatred and suspicion of Muslims.

Source: Goodreads.

Purra’s Islamophobic rants and prejudices expose in the raw her political opportunism and self-deception. Her Twitter page is peppered with anti-Muslim racist tweets and one wonders if she sees Muslims under her bed.

Her most recent tirade (surprise, surprise) is of the Muslim Ramadan celebrations, which ended over the weekend. She claimed in a tweet that schools in Vantaa had made Eid celebration an official holiday.

Eid is a celebration commemorating the end to Ramadan.

Here is a tweet from the City of Vantaa stating that Eid isn’t an official holiday at schools. I wonder from where Purra copied this line of attack. Denmark, maybe? Source: Twitter.

What Purra tweeted could not be further from the truth. It did, however, expose a tactic used by racist politicians like her. Make an incredible statement. It is beside the point, even if her claim is misleading since the news has already reached her followers.

Like all of the PS MPs, Purra has made a name for herself with the help of Islamophobia.

Imagine the leader of Finland’s biggest opposition party equating masturbation and immigration. In this tweet, he says that we would have no reason to masturbate if there were no news about migration and asylum seekers. Source: Twitter.

Her persona is such that if Muslims did not exist, she would target and shoot her diatribe against Jews, Roma and other minorities.

It does not take much to understand on which side Purra and the PS would be in Adolf Hitler’s Germany.