Racist “coupons” found at the Leppävaara death trial

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By Migrant Tales

The trial of the death of Adisalam Mohamed Abdulahi, who was killed in February in  Leppävaara, began Thursday in Espoo. Migrant Tales has learned that in the afternoon, when the court adjourned for a short break, there were coupons scattered next to the courtroom with racist text.   

A coupon that was pictured at Abdisalam Mohamed Abdulahi’s trial. The “customer” is Tumma Mustamies (Dark Blackman) who lives on Apinalaaksokatu (Monkey Valley Street). We apologize for the poor quality of the picture. 

Taking into account the tragedy that Abdulah’s death has caused on both families, someone thought it was a good idea to spread racist insults on the victims by adding more pain to their wounds.

Reporting by Roble Bashir. 

  1. akaaro

    MT this is shocking story.
    It exposes how morality of the dominant society is faded, we were expecting from them to send us flowers and share with us the sadness we are feeling for our a lost loved one; but it is another tragedy that we got these messages during a sorrow day and even it is extremely worst to find this inside the court house.

  2. D4R

    This is sick and getting out of hand, seems though as human lives are getting less worthy as times pass by. No matter what ethnicity you’re all human lives are worth of living, insulting a deceased mans body is immoral , shows much of how little these people value another fellow humanbeings lives.

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