Racism makes my blood boil – why doesn’t yours?

by , under Enrique Tessieri

I have often wondered why racism some people in Finland are not moved by racism. Racism is a traumatic experience that remains inside of you. Some don’t react or care because they have never been a victim of such a social ill.

When racism jabs or throws a violent punch and your colleague or friend doesn’t react, it is the worst insult. Even worse is if the person denies completely racism or claims that you are overreacting.

Racism is such a profitable disorder that politicians use it to gain power and attention. Even so, the worst racists are the ones who do nothing, remain silent, and keep the structures of institutional racism intact.

An excellent book worth reading.

Racism is a monster that you learn to live with but constantly plan on slaying it.

Racism latches on to you like a chronic illness. If you don’t watch out, it can eat you from the inside and eventually destroy your physical and mental health.


Why do I still feel traumatized by racist incidents that happened many years ago?

Yes, racism makes my blood boil, and it will boil all the way to my grave.