QUOTE OF THE DAY: National Police Commissioner Seppo Kolehminen needs more funds to avoid no-go zones in Finland

by , under Enrique Tessieri

Migrant Tales insight: I heard this short news story on the 6 pm news Saturday. In it, National Police Commissioner Seppo Kolehmainen said on YLE (see 4:45 min.) he needs more funds for the police because of the new alcohol law and terrorism. He then goes off and mentioned that such funds would go for avoiding no-go zones from forming. Really?! Where?!

“So that such [no-go zone] neighborhoods would form and which the authority would not dare go …so that living outside of the law wouldn’t take root in Finland and its structures.”*


* Poliisijohtaja Seppo Kolehmainen YLE:lle: “Ettei tulisi semmoisia lähiöitä joihin viranomaiset eivät uskalla mennä…sen lain ulkopuolella oleminen ei juurtuisi suomalaisten yhteiskunnan rakenteisiin.”

  1. Light

    More funds for supporting terrorists and racists INSIDE Finland
    Money money, pay more tax, feed racism system !

    Seppo Kolehmainen, his face is full of doubt and fear and with this face he is looking at the mirror every single morning!


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