QUOTE OF THE DAY: Migrants face abuse on both sides of the labor market

by , under Enrique Tessieri

“An Iranian engineer with a master’s degree who had lived in Finland for about 20 years, claimed that he had applied to 4,000 jobs. Of that amount, only one prospective employer asked him for an interview, which was done online. He wasn’t hired. If migrants have a difficult time getting work from companies run by white Finns, many, especially people of color, face exploitation from foreign-owned companies, which pay them low wages.

The job-seeker believes that his Muslim name and background hinders his prospects.

An asylum seeker hired on-and-off by an Espoo-Helsinki-based food distributor, was paid under the table. His job was to change the sell-by dates of its products. Read the full story here.

Why does this happen? Are the authorities doing their jobs?

Do they care?”