Police and security guards acquitted over hijab removal case in Finland

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Three judges of a Kanta-Häme district court unanimously ruled to acquit police and security guards of all charges for removing by force the hijabs of two Muslim women, according to Iltalehti

The women, who were applying for asylum at the time, argued that in Helsinki, they didn’t have to take off their hijabs for a picture.

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The incident, which happened in May 2017, led to the charging of seven police officers and security guards with negligent breach of duty, assault, and incitement to assault.

Since the women refused to comply with the order, the police took off their hijabs by force.

Writes Ilatlehti: “The court agreed that the police officers and security guards did use force [against the women to remove their hijabs] but had a right to do so. The use of force was necessary because the women resisted the officers [taking off their hijabs].”

The tabloid adds that the court believed the women allegedly exaggerated how the police and security guards physically abused them. One of the victims said she was pressed against a wall for at least 45 minutes. Both claimed they had to use painkillers for over five years due to the altercation.

The case was heard by a panel of three judges. The decision of the district court is unanimous.

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