Piia Kattelus-Kilpeläinen: Put another fascist feather in my PS cap

by , under Enrique Tessieri

Piia Kattelus-Kilpeläinen is the latest example of the bedfellows of the Perussuomalaiset (PS)* party. The councilperson from Seinäjoki, where she works as a police officer, offers an odd New Year’s greeting, all with a fascist Lapua Movement, Lapua like, (1928-1932) pullover, an ax, and a chain.

A publicity stunt of a media-hungry person craving for attention. Yes, true. Moreover, a person who would care less about the police’s image.

The PS has had several politicians who are from the police force. How could we forget Olli Sademies, convicted of ethnic agitation, Leena Meri, Tom Packalén, Mika Raatikainen, and others?

Former Helsinki substitute councilperson Sademies played dumb in court about his racist comments.

“I haven’t done anything wrong,” he was quoted as saying in 2017 by Demokraatti . “What is that ethnic group anyway that I have agitated? Charging me is absurd, and it’s a racist opinion.”

So what did Sademies actually say about Africans and Muslims?

Sademies’ post in May 2015 on Facebook suggested that since Africans threaten to destroy Finland’s social welfare system because they have so many babies. Therefore it “would require forced sterilization of African men [after three children], which would stop such a flood [of people coming to Finland] from obtaining a better living standard by shagging.”

Writes Kattelus-Kilpeläinen: “During the following year [2021], the Perussuomalaiset will become trendy and will be able to walk on Bulevardi street [in Helsinki] with a coffee with the colors of the Lapua Movement [a fascist group that was dissolved in 1932 after attempting a coup] [in Helsinki] without creating a commotion.”

All of the above-mentioned police officers who are PS politicians are known for their anti-Islam stances, which are so blatant at times that one wonders if it forms part of their police training.

While these politicians’ views are Islamophobic, some are also closet fascists or radical-right deniers.

This is not the case with Kattelus-Kilpilainen who openly shows her Lapua Movement colors.

The pullover worn by Kattelus-Kilpeläinen with the dark-blue stripe is of the fascist Lapua Movement and People’s Patriotic Movement, IKL, (1932-1944). Ardently anti-communist and ultranationalistic, the Lapua Movement and its successor IKL admired fascist leaders like Italy’s Benito Mussolini.

The IKL was created right after its predecessor, the Lapua Movement, was absolved after attempting to overthrow the Finnish government in 1932.

Source: Wikipedia

What is Kattelus-Kilpeläinen telling us in the picture above carrying an ax and chain?

Is it a warning that we will eventually find and hunt you down as we did during the heyday of the Lapua Movement and Patriotic People’s Movement?

Yes, that is what she and the PS are telling us.