MP Veikko Vallin and the Islamophobic PS pull another “fast one” on the media

by , under Enrique Tessieri

Perussuomalaiset MP Veikko Vallin tweeted an apology for the “mistake” of publishing pictures of children and workers at a nursery school. Even if he is sorry, he stated that his “critical opinion” of women using a chador at nursery schools has not changed.

Vallin’s action of taking pictures of children and workers at a nursing home was unbecoming of an MP. The images not only exposed his racist side, but it also showed how much some politicians, especially from the PS, do to crave their need for media attention.

The PS MP states in the original tweet that the black chador used by a Muslim woman scares him because it reminds him of Isis, which have been pictured in refugee camps in Syria wearing the niqab.


A grown man who is afraid of women wearing a chador?

Give me a break! This Trmp-imitating politician must be even afraid of mosquitos.

Vallin and the PS pulled one of the oldest tricks used by racist politicians:

  • Make a racist statement or claim;
  • Say you are sorry or remain quiet if a reporter proves what you said was a lie;
  • Despite all the commotion, your base will love you for what you said;
  • The aim is to get media attention and communicate with your base, who does not care if what you said was racist or immoral.

One of the most surprising matters about the story is not what Vallin did, but the deafening silence of other politicians and the media.

Only the tabloids, MTV and a handful of others covered the story.

Sources: Twitter, MTV.

Vallin is a businessman from Tampere who likes to hide his money in Estonia thanks to tax loopholes.

He has the wealth and resources, but he insists on labeling in a racist manner vulnerable groups like Muslim women, who bear the brunt of violence against this religion.

All 39 PS MPs who were elected last year to parliament used xenophobia, anti-Muslim racism, and misogyny to get elected.

Around 17% of voting Finns give their support to the PS.