MP Pia Kauma’s crusade against baby carriages is based on hearsay

by , under Enrique Tessieri

National Coalition Party MP Pia Kauma has become quite a sensation after she accused migrant women of  buying new baby carriages with welfare money. When asked on YLE’s A-Studio where she got such information, her answer was quite startling. 

”Of course it’s very difficult to get factual information,” she said on YLE’s A-Studio,  “but I have been in politics for ten years and traveled throughout Finland from time to time and have got similar comments from many different people. I was contacted about this matter recently.”

Instead of relying on hearsay, why didn’t Kauma get in touch with social workers of the city of Espoo? One reason why she probably didn’t do this is because they would have proved her claim to be wrong.

A social worker that appeared on the same program as Kauma said that migrants and Finns are only given 200 euros to buy baby carriages.

Good luck if you want to buy a new baby carriage with that sum of money.

The whole affair exposes Kauma’s disingenuous motives and opportunism. She believes it’s perfectly fine to relay on hearsay as long as the ones you are victimizing and labeling are migrants.  Add to this nearing parliamentary elections and a clearer picture emerges why she made such a statement in the first place.

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Watch YLE’s A-Studio here.


Kauma’s statement is no different from the white racists of the South that loathed black USAmericans for being on welfare. The aim is the same: label and spread hatred.

Migrant Tales hopes that MP Kauma not only gets her fingers burned by what she said but loses her seat in the April elections.

Taking into account the reaction to what she said on many social media forums, this may be possible.