MP Mauri Peltokangas is an example of the PS’ far-right rage and hateful narrative

by , under Enrique Tessieri

Mauri Peltokangas is an MP for the Islamophobic Perussuomalaiset (PS)* party and a member of the Nazi-spirited Suomen Sisu association. In the hostile video below, the PS MP with close ties to neo-Nazi groups, uses the following terms to cry us a river about bringing to Finland 175 children from the Lesvos refugee camp.

If his invective monologue below lasts 2:36 minutes, it means that around every 20 seconds you hear the following swear words:

  • Shit (paska): 2 times
  • Fucked (perseestä): 2 times
  • What the hell, hell (mitä helevetti, helevetti): 2
  • The devil (perkele): 2

Are these the “lawmakers” that are supposed to look after our interests and bring security?

Source: Facebook.

Writes Al-Jazeera about the humanitarian crisis in Lesvos: “More than 18,300 asylum seekers currently live in and around Moria camp, a facility built to accommodate 2,200, according to the UNHCR. Tents and ad hoc structures are stacked close by on the hillsides, forming a makeshift city whose population is now the second largest on the island, after the capital Mytilini.”

Migrant Tales recently published a story of a refugee family in Lesvos.

Peltokangas spreads fake news.

“The toilets are a kilometer from their tent, and the journey there is dangerous because it is downhill and slippery when it rains,” said a relative of the family that now lives on Lesvos. “If you get to the toilet, you’ll find long lines with families with ten children waiting for their turn.”

But Peltokangas is defiant. He states in the video that there is no reason to bring 175 children from Lesbos because Greece “is a warm and secure EU country.”

Believe it or not, Peltokangas is a very popular politician in Finland, a country that tries to prize itself as a champion of human rights, social equality, and one of the best education systems in the world.

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