Living in the PS Outokumpu bubble – beware of Muslims even if there are hardly any foreigners

by , under Enrique Tessieri

There is one matter that bonds all the Perussuomalaiset (PS) MPs in parliament: They use migrants, especially Muslims and asylum seekers, to get votes. Their ads and rhetoric reflect well their racist disposition.

Take, for instance, the ad below that promises that she will make “Finnish well being and security” priorities.

Some of her pet topics are Muslims even if in her small, far-flung town of Outokumpu (6,803 inhabitants), there are hardly any foreigners, never mind Muslims.

Ouokumpu is located in such a far-flung place that it would be a miracle if a foreigner, never mind a Muslim, would find it on the map. Source: Wikipedia.

In Outokumpu – are you ready for this – there are 177 people (2.6% of the total town population) who are not Finnish citizens, 231 (3.39%) who were born elsewhere than Finland, and 239 (3.51%) who do not speak Finnish, Swedish or Sami as their mother tongue.

Despite their minimal numbers, Antikainen does not miss a chance to label Muslims as rapists and terrorists.

That is why she is obsessed with the message: prioritizing white Finns’ well-being and security.

Perussuomalaiset MP Sanna Antikainen campaign slogan and promises to defend the “well-being and security of Finns’ priorities.”

Antikainen’s Islamophobic worldview raises a lot of questions.

One of these is how she graduated as a registered nurse and what kind of an oath she took. The Hippocratic oath of nurses is also based on the Nightingale Pledge, named in honor of Florence Nightingale,

In the United States, nurses vow to treat patients equally: “Discrimination in any form is harmful to society as a whole and in opposition to the values and ethical code of the nursing profession, which directs the nurse to ‘…respect the inherent dignity, worth, unique attributes, and human rights of all individuals.’” (American Nursing Association, 2015, p.17).

Below are a Finnish nurse’s views about human rights and how to deal with people she does not like.

The PS likes Trump and his racist policies that are against migrants. Don’t be surprised if MP Antikainen would want to build a wall about her small town. Source: Twitter.
This claim that “Europeans do not have the money for their social security,” is an old Islamophobic excuse to not help asylum seekers. We are a rich continent and we DO have a lot of money. Source: Twitter.

I sent MP Antikainen Thursday the following questions:

  • What do you mean when you state that you are “on the side of Finns?”
  • What about if a person was born in another country but is a Finnish citizen? Are you on his or her side as well?
  • What about if the person was born in Finland and is black?
  • Do you defend the interests of all people in Finland irrespective of their backgrounds?

I never expect to get an answer from Antikainen. Even so, the fact that she didn’t answer is already an answer that reveals a lot about herself and her party.

If the PS ever could change the laws of Finland, that would be a sad day for Finnish democracy and the rule of law.

It would be a very sad day indeed because it would be based on racism and far-right populism.

We won’t allow it to happen and, in the meantime, we will give parties like the PS and MPs like Antikainen a run for their money.

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