A letter from an Iraqi asylum seeker in detention cell 406 in Joutseno, Finland

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Dear People of Finland,

I write this letter from a detention cell in Joutseno* awaiting my possible deportation this week to Iraq. I’m worried and don’t know what will happen to me if I’m returned by force to Iraq. One matter is for sure: My life is in danger, and I won’t survive there.

My impression of Finland has changed: When I came to this country roughly two years ago, I was filled with hope. All I wanted back then was to live in a peaceful country. It’s all that I wanted, nothing more.


A picture taken by the Iraqi asylum seeker from his prison cell 406.

But today I’m bound by the walls of my cell and a barred window that gives me a view of the prison’s courtyard and the overcast day.

I want you to know, dear People of Finland that I’m no criminal.

My first question to you is why I am locked up in this cell? I was detained on October 23 in [the eastern Finnish city of] Mikkeli. The police tell me here that they have locked me up for already a week because I went to Germany. I fled to that country because I feared that I would be deported back to Iraq, which is apparently the case now.

Is it a “crime” if a young man like me wants a better future and to live in a country that is not consumed by war and violence? Is it a “crime” to search for a better life?

Is this the reason why I’m locked up today like a criminal in this detention cell?

Sincerely yours,

An Iraqi asylum seeker,

Detention Cell 406, Joutseno, Finland

* The asylum seeker who was locked up in this cell thought he was in Lappeenranta but in fact he was at the Joutseno immigration removal center located 20km away.

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