Kokoomus MP Pia Kauma continues crusade against baby carriages – now includes Finnish mothers

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Pia Kauma, the National Coalition Party (Kokoomus) MP that pointed the accusing finger at migrants Friday by asking why migrant women get social aid to buy new baby carriages since Finnish mothers buy used ones, wants to do away with social aid to buy baby carriages altogether, reports Helsingin Sanomat.

Migrant Tales reported Friday that the finger pointing and victimizing by Kauma is not against migrant women but against all women who need social assistance to buy baby carriages.

It’s clear by the MP’s latest statement on Helsingin Sanomat that this is the case.

Even if Kauma claims that the city of Espoo’s poor economic situation is the reason why such social aid should end, savings would be very small.

Sakari Timonen is one of the best anti-racism bloggers in Finland. He states on a recent blog headlined Crusade against baby carriages that of the city of Espoo’s annual budget of 1.573 billion euros, only 3% (48.146 million) of this sum is allocated for social assistance, which could include the 200 euros for buying baby carriages.

If you want to read a very good blog that unmasks MP Kauma and her disingenuous comments, visit  The Black Female Experience blog.

The blog entry, Hei, paljonko vauva maksoi? (Hey, how much your baby costs?), exposes Kauma’s motives in what some have started to call “baby carriagegate” on social media sites.

Kuvankaappaus 2014-9-5 kello 22.54.27 Read original posting (in Finnish) here.

Baby carriages aren’t the question. They never were. The question is this society’s cancerous racism and the human value of black mothers, who our politicians appear to care very little about.

With elections taking place in April, MP Kauma has got what she wanted: media attention, and lots of it.

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