Kokoomus’ Atte Kaleva: The MP cashing in on anti-immigration tirades for political profit

by , under Enrique Tessieri

Parliamentary elections are in April. How can I tell? When National Coalition Party (Kokoomus) politicians like MP Atte Kaleva spread lies and populist soundbites about migrants. 

Kaleva has a tough time stomaching criticism, and usually, his answers are knee-jerk reactions.

One of these is when he charged Professor Panu Ratikiainen with defamation because he called him a racist.

Did the media notice? No. 

There was one, however: Seiska, the lowest gossip journalism you can find in Finland.

Can you take him, MP Kaleva, seriously? Do his words carry any weight?

Not an ounce but he can surely pile it high and deep with his anti-immigration tirades.

MP Kaleva calls migrants or so-called “people with foreign background,” mamus. Mamu is the Finnish n-word for migrant.

He Tweets: “Street gangs and youth crime are not the results of ‘structural racism’ or the authorities’ failure. The problem is that we have too many young men with ‘mamu’ backgrounds who have no desire to integrate into Finnish society.” The term “mamu” is the n-word for migrants. Source: Twitter

Tweets Atte Kaleva: “Now your philosophical arguments are in a strong position. Do you have nothing else to say, Panu?”

Tweets Panu Raatikainen: “A joke is a joke. I have something to say: you are @AtteKaleva an irresponsible populist who incites prejudice, fear, and hatred toward vulnerable minorities. #hatredofmigrants. #islamophobia, #populism. Furthermore, you are a liar and a bullshitter.”